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Marriage registration in Thailand is one of the most common visits to a Thai law firm. These however can become even more complicated if it is a Muslim marriage in Thailand as it requires extra steps to complete the marriage. This require an affirmation from the Embassy as well however Muslim affirmations in Thailand become difficult depending on the Embassy as some will only endorse your affirmation from your own Foreign Affairs department in your home country. Speak to GAM Legal Alliance for more information as it is going to depend on your nationality. Each country has their own procedures for this. North African and Malaysian applications at their respective embassies are all different.

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US Affirmation is different and much easier. You can see this on this website. Marriage locations in Thailand are also varied. Muslim weddings tend to occur in Bangkok and Southern Thailand as a wedding location. Americans and British tend to be in Issan as a wedding location or Northern Thailand. Marriage registration in Thailand all however have to go via Bangkok when it comes to all foreigners as it requires an affirmation from your Embassy as well as a visit to the Thai Foreign Affairs department or office. Speak to a Thai law firm in Thailand such as GAM Legal Alliance for more assistance and information as this website is only a brief overview.

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